Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, all dates set forth in this Academic Calendar are subject to change.

September 2021

Date Day Description
06 Monday Labor Day
No Classes
08 Wednesday Fall Classes Start
Deadline to submit Spring + Summer 2021 incomplete work to instructors at 4pm
17 Friday Deadline to ADD a Fall course at 11:59 PM

October 2021

Date Day Description
01 Friday Deadline to DROP a Fall course at 11:59 PM
11 Monday Indigenous Peoples’ Day
No Classes
12 Tuesday No Classes
Fall Break
13 Wednesday Classes Resume
15 Friday Family & Friends Weekend
16 Saturday Tanner Conference
Family & Friends Weekend
17 Sunday Family & Friends Weekend
22 Friday October 2021 degrees conferred

November 2021

Date Day Description
19 Friday Thesis submission deadline - at noon (Fall 370 students only)
24 Wednesday No Classes
Thanksgiving Break
25 Thursday Thanksgiving Break
No Classes
26 Friday Thanksgiving Break
No Classes
29 Monday Classes Resume

December 2021

Date Day Description
14 Tuesday Deadline to WITHDRAW from a fall course at 5:00 PM
Last Day of Classes
15 Wednesday Reading Day
16 Thursday Final Examinations Begin
17 Friday Final Examinations
18 Saturday Reading Day
19 Sunday Reading Day
20 Monday Final Examinations
21 Tuesday Final Examinations
22 Wednesday Final exams end - 4:00 pm
Final Examinations End
Final papers due - 4:00 pm


January 2022

Date Day Description
03 Monday Wintersession begins
04 Tuesday Deadline to ADD a Wintersession Course at 11:59 pm
05 Wednesday Deadline to DROP a Wintersession course at 11:59 pm
Deadline to declare a Wintersession course CREDIT/NON at 11:59 PM
Fall final grades released to students - 4pm
Fall final grades due from instructors at noon
17 Monday Classes are held
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
21 Friday Wintersession Ends
24 Monday Deadline to submit Fall incomplete work to instructors at 4 PM
Spring Classes Start

February 2022

Date Day Description
04 Friday Deadline to ADD a Spring course at 11:59 PM
18 Friday Deadline to DROP a spring course at 11:59 PM
21 Monday No Classes
Presidents' Day
22 Tuesday Substitute Day

March 2022

Date Day Description
17 Thursday Spring Break Begins
18 Friday Spring Break
21 Monday Spring Break
22 Tuesday Spring Break
23 Wednesday Spring Break
24 Thursday Spring Break
25 Friday Spring Break Ends
28 Monday Classes Resume

April 2022

Date Day Description
18 Monday Patriot's Day
No Classes
20 Wednesday Honors Theses due - noon
26 Tuesday Ruhlman Conference
No Classes
27 Wednesday Substitute Day: Tuesday Schedule

May 2022

Date Day Description
06 Friday Spring Classes End
Deadline to WITHDRAW from a spring course at 5:00 PM
07 Saturday Reading Period Begins
08 Sunday Reading Period
09 Monday Reading Period Ends
10 Tuesday Final Examinations Begin
11 Wednesday Final Examinations
12 Thursday Final Examinations
13 Friday Final Examinations
14 Saturday Additional Reading Day
15 Sunday Additional Reading Day
16 Monday Final exams end - 4:00 pm
Final Examinations End
Final papers due - 4:00 pm
19 Thursday Senior grades due from instructors - noon
27 Friday Commencement
30 Monday No Classes
Memorial Day