Performing Ensembles for Credit

This course is open to qualified students by permission of the individual ensemble director. One-half unit of credit is granted for a full year (two consecutive semesters) of participation in any one of the department-sponsored ensembles, provided that the corequisite is successfully completed. A maximum of two units of credit toward the degree can be accumulated through 0.5 courses. Of the 32 units required for graduation, no more than four units in performing music may be counted toward the degree; thus students taking music lessons for credit during all four years at Wellesley cannot also receive degree credit via MUS 250H.

Units: 0.5

Max Enrollment: 100

Prerequisites: Co-requisite - One academic music course per 0.5 credit earned.


Typical Periods Offered: Spring; Fall

Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Fall; Spring

Notes: No credit will be given for this course unless both semesters are completed satisfactorily. Mandatory Credit/Non Credit.