Relativity and Quantum Physics: An Introduction to College Physics

This course is the entry point for students interested in exploring physics as a possible major or as a foundation for other sciences. It presents, at an introductory level, two fundamental developments at the heart of contemporary physics: quantum physics and Einstein’s theories of relativity. Relativity profoundly alters our understanding of the nature of space and time; quantum physics revolutionizes our knowledge of the world at the smallest scales. We will introduce and develop the core principles of these two theories, and explore their implications and practical consequences. No prior experience with physics is required.

Units: 1

Max Enrollment: 18

Prerequisites: Open to First-Year and Sophomore students. Juniors and Seniors by permission of the instructor. Fulfillment of the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) component of the Quantitative Reasoning & Data Literacy requirement. Pre/co-requisite - MATH 115 or permission of the instructor. 

Instructor: Staff

Distribution Requirements: MM - Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving; MM - Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving; NPS - Natural and Physical Sciences; NPS - Natural and Physical Sciences

Typical Periods Offered: Spring; Fall

Semesters Offered this Academic Year: Fall; Spring; Fall; Spring