An Interdepartmental Major

International relations is an interdisciplinary field concerned with understanding global interactions, both in the historical past and in the present. The major is designed to expose students to a wide range of viewpoints and analytical methodologies in their study of such fields as diplomacy and foreign policy, peace, war and security, international political economy and development, and human rights.

The International Relations major is an interdepartmental major organized into three tracks: International Relations-Economics; International Relations-History; and International Relations-Political Science. All three tracks of the major share a set of five common “core” courses.

The majors are administered by their “home” departments, and interested students should contact the relevant department chair or contact person for guidance on choosing an advisor and completing the major.

Advisors for 2022-23:

Economics: Akila Weerapana
History: Lidwien Kapteijns
Political Science: Stacie Goddard and Paul MacDonald

Students who elect one of these International Relations majors may not combine it with a second major in their track department—e.g., students may not double major in International Relations-Economics and Economics. Other double majors are permitted, but generally inadvisable. Also, keep in mind that you cannot count the same course towards both a major AND a minor (or two majors).