Italian Studies is a vast field, covering at least 10 centuries and featuring master works in every artistic and literary genre. Whether in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, or the modern world, Italian culture has always been in the forefront of innovation and excellence. Many of the great names of world culture in the fields of art, literature, political science, philosophy, and cinema are Italian. However, many of Italian culture’s lesser-known names and works are equally rich and worthwhile studying. Our courses expose students to the wealth of Italian culture, allowing them access to and familiarity with the nation’s cultural heritage and its contemporary life. As all our upper-level courses and most of our intermediate-level ones are conducted in Italian, students have ample opportunity to hone their language skills.

All courses, unless otherwise listed, are conducted in Italian. 

Qualified students are encouraged to spend their junior year in Italy on the Wellesley-Bologna program. See the Office of International Studies website for further information.

The Department of Italian Studies offers both a major and a minor. See Requirements for the Major.