The ability to think clearly and critically about quantitative issues is imperative in contemporary society. Quantitative reasoning is required in virtually all academic fields, is used in most every profession, and is necessary for decision making in everyday life. The Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Program is designed to ensure that Wellesley College students are proficient in the use of mathematical, logical, and statistical problem-solving tools needed in today’s increasingly quantitative world.

The Quantitative Reasoning Program provides a range of services to the academic community relevant to the Quantitative Reasoning and Data Literacy degree requirement; the requirement is described in detail in the QR and Data Literacy Requirement portion of this bulletin. The QR Program oversees the administration of the Quantitative Reasoning Assessment and staffs QR 140, the introductory QR course. QR Program faculty teach several Data Literacy and Statistics courses as well. The Program also provides tutorial support to students and instructors of Data Literacy courses. Finally, the Quantitative Reasoning Program provides curricular support to faculty interested in modifying existing courses or designing new ones so that these courses will satisfy the Data Literacy requirement.