Since its founding in the 1940s by Vladimir Nabokov, the Russian Department has dedicated itself to excellence in literary scholarship and undergraduate teaching. Our faculty members specialize in different areas of Russian language and literature and incorporate a broad range of cultural material—history, music, and visual art—into their courses. Numerous activities both inside and outside the classroom are designed to enrich students’ appreciation of the achievements and fascinating traditions of Russian civilization. At the same time, we give our students critical skills that will serve them outside the Russian context.

Russian Department Information

Students majoring in Russian should consult the chair of the department early in their college career. For information on all facets of the Russian department, please visit

Students who cannot take RUSS 101 during the fall semester are strongly encouraged to take RUSS 101 during Wintersession; those interested in doing so should consult the chair early in the fall term.

Advanced courses on Russian literature and culture are given in English translation at the 200 level; corresponding 300-level courses offer supplemental reading and discussion in Russian. Please refer to the descriptions for RUSS 355H, RUSS 376H, RUSS 377H and RUSS 386H below.