Theatre Studies Major

Goals for the Theatre Studies Major

Major Requirements

Students who plan to major in Theatre Studies must take a minimum of 10 units.

These 10 units must be comprised of:

At least eight of these ten units must come from within the Wellesley theatre studies program. The only exception is if a semester-long study abroad conservatory intensive for four credits max is approved by the program director, in which case the remaining six units must be completed within the Wellesley program. The major requires a minimum of two 300-level courses to be completed within the Wellesley program, regardless of credits earned abroad. 

Developments in the theatre arts are a result of stage experiments. The theatre performance is an expression of theatre scholarship. It is expected that students planning a major in theatre will elect to complement formal study of theatre with practical experience in on-campus producing organizations, and - if offered the opportunity - through paid internships for the professional Wellesley Repertory Theatre company. All majors have the option to propose participation in THST 250 and THST 350 individual study offerings in order to pursue more deeply their particular area of theatrical interest. 

Exchange and International Study in Theatre Studies

Students majoring in theatre studies may elect to take at least one resident semester of concentrated work in a discipline to supplement and enrich their work at Wellesley. They may attend the National Theatre Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, another institution in the Twelve College Exchange Program, one of the many London programs offering intensive study in their discipline, Accademia Dell'Arte (Physical and Devised Theatre semester in Arezzo, Italy) or other programs approved by the department. On occasion, a student may elect to take a relevant course in the exchange programs at Babson, Olin, or MIT. ***If approved, a student may certainly elect to study at more than one exchange program, and the credits beyond the four applicable to the Theatre Studies major will count towards the 32 total needed to graduate from Wellesley.*** 

Honors in Theatre Studies

The theatre program offers a variety of opportunities for honors. After consultation with the program director, the candidate will devise a proposal that incorporates both the academic and the practical aspects for the thesis. Generally, the candidate completes the research and writing segment of the thesis in the first semester. In the second semester, the candidate produces the practical/theatrical component for public performance. Applicants for honors should have a minimum 3.5 GPA in all work in the major field above the 100 level; the department may petition on their behalf if their GPA in the major is between 3.0 and 3.5. 

No Minor Offered in Theatre Studies

However: participation in all department activities and productions is open to all. Come play with us - the process is its own reward!

Courses for Credit Toward the Theatre Studies Major

CHIN 244 Classical Chinese Theater (in English)


CLCV 210 Greek Drama


ENG 223 Shakespeare Part I: The Elizabethan Period


ENG 224 Shakespeare Part II: The Jacobean Period


ENG 324 Advanced Studies in Shakespeare


SPAN 246 Spanish Through the Lens of Theatre